Calvin Klein: Uncensored QR Code

How do you get people to notice your QR Code campaign? Easy. You make it the size of a building as opposed to having it buried in miniature on the side of your product.

Calvin Klein did just this; self-censoring its latest ad billboard in New York with a giant red QR code. The larger than life code unlocks a 40-second video featuring model Lara stone and the usual string of male models promoting the new Jeans X range.

It’s a prominent use of QR technology, which seemingly prompted lots of response from passers by. However, the ‘reward versus effort’ from a consumer’s perspective is questionable. It’s a shame there wasn’t more that they could interact with once at the destination. In addition, the reliance on new technology may have rendered this campaign lost on the numerous passers by not aware of QR code functionality.

Having said that the technology is being used here primarily as a PR push for the new Jeans line, and to that effect – when balanced against Facebook sharing opportunities - it created much needed buzz around the brand, and developed an outdoor to web experience which arguably a standard print ad may have not.

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