The campaigns that got us talking this week

As the week draws to a close we take a look back over the last seven days and showcase the activations, campaigns and marketing mayhem that grabbed our attention. From emergency socialised footwear giveaways, bicycle powered stripper projections, through to social media stalkers and a global search for The Incredible.

Converse gives customers the boot

Here’s a well thought out piece of outdoor work that feeds nicely into social media. Similar in style and substance to Volkswagen’s ‘Art Heist’, Converse set up emergency containers across the UK inviting people to break the glass and take its product as part of its ‘Right To…’ campaign.  However, this is no simple smash and grab. Those involved are encouraged to snap their finds and upload them to the brand’s Faceook page for a chance to win a music adventure at London’s 100 Club (a venue the brand has stepped in to save from extinction).  It’s a sleek combination of experiential, social media and music patronage in one fell swoop.

Contrex water's augmented stripper

How do you leverage the emotion of experiential activity in a viral? With so much emotion and attachment involved in actually being there how does a brand effectively translate the awe and spectacle of an experience to the small screen? The Contrex water company does a great job of melding the two, using female peddle-power to generate a projection mapped image of a male stripper onto a building in France, as part of a slimming promotion. Questions have been raised online as to its validity. Did it really happen, or was it all staged?  We have our views, however, the bigger question here is whether it matters. With 3 million YouTube hits and rising, it would appear not.

Lollipop of doom

With Halloween fast approaching the scare factor is rearing its ugly head (looking for marketing cut through, with slasher knife in hand). An early campaign out of the fright fest bag is ‘Take This Lollipop’ a rather terrifying slice of Facebook Connectivity, which shows a stalker perusing your Facebook profile and looking up you address on Google Maps, before he jumps in a car to gift wrap your head Gwyneth Paltrow style. It's genuinely scary, and we were shocked to find out that this digital effort is from the nice chap who brought us the sickly sweet, ‘Elf Yourself’ campaign for Office Max. Bad Santa indeed.

Jason Mraz collaborates with Intel

Here’s a great artist/brand partnership that encourages user creativity on a global scale. Jason Mraz has joined forces with Asus and Intel to promote the launch of the Asus N Series notebook. The new campaign, entitled ‘In Search Of Incredible’, sees the singer actively participating in a competition that spans 16 countries, as he joins Asus on a journey that celebrates the extraordinary creativity and imagination of people across the globe. Entrants submit ideas and content around the theme of The Incredible, with the winner’s idea turned into a short film, which will debut at a leading film festival. What’s great about this promotion is how the artist is integrated into every step – Mraz offers video webisodes, acts as a judge, makes a guest appearance at the premier of the film, and has even created a new track to promote the campaign.

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