The campaigns that got us talking this week

Here's a round up of the promotional activity that caught our eye over the last seven days. From a cognac brand's online nightclub experience to a mobile partnership with a UK rapper, right through to Vogue Brazil’s interactive print ads and Fiat USA investing in the art of storytelling.

Remy Martin digital nightlife stay-cation

For some the nightlife experience is a heady mix of alcohol, music and good times, for others its standing out in the cold as you try to convince a jumped up, broad shouldered - and ever so slightly menacing bouncer - that you are really are a VIP. Cognac brand Remy Martin is offering consumers the chance to relive both experiences online, as it recreates a nightclub (complete with VIP lounge and virtual dance floor) in order to promote its new Urban Lights variant.

The digital nightlife experience is part of a sweepstakes promo which will see one lucky winner netting a four day VIP trip to Paris with a $2,000 entertainment budget thrown in for good measure.  However, in order to experience the online nightclub and enter the competition, you’ll need to know the all-important password to get past the digital bouncer. I apparently had the wrong shoes on. Again.

Mobile company goes Green

No, not in the tree hugging way, but in the ever-popular musician hugging way. ZTE Corporation, a global telecommunications company, is teaming up with EMI artist Professor Green enabling the brand to step in as headline sponsor of the rapper’s upcoming 18 date UK tour. The promotion is chock full of benefits for fans, who will be able to win gig tickets, merchandise and exclusive meet and greet experiences through competitions held on ZTE’s Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s not the first time the singer has partnered with a brand, having got behind the wheel during Volvo’s Road Trip earlier in the year, whilst also working with Puma as their social ambassador. Green, who says he sees artists "signing with companies as opposed to labels" in the future, is indicative of the new type of artist brand mentality, cashing in his own audience value to net new fans.

In the eye of the beholder

We’re continually impressed by some of the interactive print campaigns that are emanating from Brazil – a particular favourite being the recent Skol plug and play audio ads. Here’s yet another simple, yet audience targeted, slice of augmented print media, this time form beauty brand O Botcario, found in the pages of Vogue. A print ad depicting a woman’s face invites iPhone users to place their handset across her eye, which then delivers video content revealing how the look was created. In an age were consumers are increasingly dubious of beauty print ads due to the ubiquitous use of Photoshop and eyelash extension enhancements, this campaign looks to build consumer confidence whilst also delivering a virtual trial and increasing page dwell time.  All rather smart, we think.

Let me tell you a story

If there is one universal truth that unites people across the world, it’s that they all have a story to tell. Some may be more engaging than others, but each is guaranteed to be unique. We’ve seen a concerted move towards human storytelling from brands as social media forces them to engage in a more conversational tone with consumers. Fiat is taking this a stage further in America, setting up over a dozen live storytelling events as part of its ‘Alternate Routes’ promotion. Videos from the events, filmed in front of a live audience, are available via the brand’s Facebook page and on broadcast radio, however Fiat has opted for minimal branding at the events, positioning themselves as the facilitators of engaging, emotive conversation starters.  Getting people out to a branded venue to hear a monologue might not be everyone’s idea of entertainment but, as ever, it all depends on who’s doing the talking.

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