Camper thinks big with music

Spanish footwear company Camper has created a music video to highlight the new P87 cushioning system in its latest line of shoes, which features a band playing a giant instrument with their feet.

The video features the various members of the band Klein performing the track “Tread Over It” on a brightly coloured series of oversized paper and card instruments, which from above resembles a giant microchip.  The band controls the song by walking on guitar strings, hitting multi-coloured boxes and hopping across the various lyrics.

The campaign forms part of Campers 'Extra Ordinary Crafts' positioning– which has a number of similarities of execution to Levi’s recent ‘Craft of Music’ campaign. The promotion focuses on the “painstaking attention to every detail” that turns an idea into a well-heeled Camper shoe.

The video itself has shades of Ok Go about it, both in its construction and use of primary colours. However, unlike State Farm Insurance, which sponsored a recent Rube Goldberg machine video by the infamous Internet viral creating band, Camper opted to build Klein directly into its web presence from the offset

The innovative video sees the footwear brand focusing in on how technology can benefit the everyday. “Your shoes, your job, your home, your bar, the street, the holidays. Discover Camper's iconic styles and reinvent your reality,” states the brand.

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