Canon: Project Imagin8ion

Canon has teamed up with influential film director Ron Howard (he of Apollo 13, Cocoon and Richie Cunningham fame) on what is being described as the world’s first Hollywood short film inspired by a user generated photography competition.

The ‘Long Live Imagination’ campaign invites participants to submit photo based on one of eight categories - Setting, Time, Character, Mood, Relationship, Goal, Obstacle and the Unknown. The submissions will then be judged by the director alongside Canon’s own photography experts.

The final eight winning photos will then go on to form the inspiration for a mini movie that will be filmed with a range of Canon DSLR products. The final production will premiere in New York City later this year with the winners invited to attend a red carpet premiere and enjoy a meet and greet with Ron Howard himself.

“I’m known as a narrative storyteller, so when Canon approached me to partner on the ‘Long Live Imagination’ campaign, I was moved by the opportunity to collaborate with the masses, tapping into consumers’ creativity and using their photos as building blocks to produce a film,” said Howard.

An accompanying commercial for the campaign, which features walking houses, giant astronauts and diamond-encrusted flying dogs, gives some indication of the scale – and considerable post production spend -  that may be present in the final film.

“This project embodies everything the Canon brand represents in innovation, technology and the arts,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, EVP of Imaging Technology, Canon U.S.A.

This is yet another example of brands becoming active patrons of culture – in this case film – and acting as very real conduit between everyday photo snappers and the glamorous world of Hollywood directors, bringing new creative works to life that would otherwise not be possible.

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