Car crash marketing

Marketing opportunities sometimes reveal themselves in the most unlikely places. None so much as the type of opportunity that Crashvertise is hoping to seize advantage of.

Crashvertise aims to make “every car crash a perfect media to successfully spread your message”. The slogan for the company is simple: ‘You Crash. We Ad.” That’s right, don’t call the paramedics, don’t even call CNN, just get straight on the phone to these chaps and they will make the most of this high impact street level opportunity.

“See how the oddest and spectacular road accidents (pile-ups, crossroad accidents, off-road crashes) can be turned into advertising campaigns. The unconventional marketing revolution is just around the corner,” states the website.

The Crashvertise concept appears to involve the company rushing to the scene of a car crash with a couple of promo girls in tow and all manner of branded paraphernalia, such as special warning triangles and branded safety vests.

The website suggests the following companies could benefit from a good car crash: Insurance companies, law offices, automotive industries, road assistance services. These have some natural fit, but they also suggest eyewear (should have gone to Specsavers, perhaps?) and energy drinks (stay awake now).

A standard Crash campaign will set you back $30,000, netting you a 1 month plan to capture five built up area crash events. Pile-ups are also available for a little more, or so it says.

Adding to the bizarre nature of the site is a call out for people to let the company know about accidents in their area via Facebook and Twitter.

We're 'really' hoping this is a PSA or pre-emptive effort advertising something else as opposed to a genuine business proposition. Especially given the fact that the video below features, in a less than subtle way, a track by the 'Dead Kennedys'.

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