Caribou Coffee: Oven Installation

We’ve seen a fair few interpretations of the humble Bus Stop ad campaign of late, ranging from Absolut’s luxury seating designs to interactive social gaming courtesy of Yahoo!

Here’s another neat twist on the ad billboard that combines the immersive bus shelter experience with an ongoing micro-trend that presents objects super–sized (Gulliver’s Travels style), as depicted by McDonald's cup lid beach umbrellas last year.

Caribou Coffee wanted to drew attention to its new hot breakfast sandwich offerings during the cold months in Minnesota. In order to convey the warm inner feeling of grabbing a morning bite the brand turned a bus shelter into an oven, complete with working overhead heaters to take the chill of commuters and highlight the "Hot 'n Wholesome" nature of its products.

A clever idea that not only provides a highly engaging visual experience, but also provides a genuine utility for those freezing people waiting for their bus to arrive.

There is also a childlike and playful element to the concept, which makes the participant feel small and thereby rekindles a sense of a childlike perspective of the world.  Toy Car brand Hot Wheels managed to achieve this same playful sense of scale with its recent bridge banner ad showing a child watching the freeway as if the cars were die cast models.

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