Carlsberg attempts to 'unbottle' Sweden

“Is it possible to unbottle the courage that brews in all of us? asks Carlsberg, the Danish brewer, as it unveils a campaign that hopes to spark the normally stoic and sensible nation of Sweden into performing random acts of silliness.

The competition runs from the 5th - 17th April and requires those involved to download a special Unbottle Yourself app and successfully perform a series of missions. These simple – yet, slightly unhinged - tasks range from ‘speaking with a slight German accent all day’ to ’wearing a helmet to the gym’.

There are 500 missions in total and a simple shake of the app will reveal a new one.

A range of daily prizes are up for grabs where players can get their hands on Rosklide Festival tickets, Spotify premium subscriptions, iPads and travel vouchers.

The top ten participants will be entered into a grand prize competition where one lucky winner will net themselves an all expenses party of a lifetime in Hong Kong, complete with travel, hotel and spending money.

Despite being low key it's a crucial awareness push for the brand in the region based on the social aspect of drinking.  Alcohol sales (although some 15-20% higher than in the mid '90s) have been  falling in Sweden over the last couple of years. Also wine is by far the most popular drink of choice accounting for some 41% of consumption, with beer at 35% and spirits at 22%.

This relatively simple UGC style promotion is based around the social sharing premise of the app, and requires little outlay for the brand. However, as ever, this kind of UGC gamble lives and dies on submissions from the public and it will be interesting to see if Carlsberg can motivate the somewhat reserved Swedes to participant en masse.

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