Carslberg: ad bottle opener

There are various members of the marketing community that view the humble print ad as an archaic medium that should be resigned to the marketing annuals of history in a progressive digital age. However, as brands continue to push the digital boundaries there are those that are attempting to breathe new life into print.

One such brand is Carlsberg, which has managed to tear up the rulebook (and the literal print ad) repositioning it as something a consumer can actually use.

The ad - described as ‘Probably The Best Beer Ad in the World’ - invites viewers to get hands on with a simple bit of origami that converts the lifeless page into a fully functioning bottle opener.

It’s a neat trick, and one that draws all the attention back to the product in question with direct, rather than oblique, lifestyle functionality. Furthermore – if the user doesn’t already have a well-stocked fridge of Carlsberg - it sees the brand encroaching on the drinking time of prior purchased beer brands, diverting the attention away from the rival product.

The ad itself is also eco friendly, as it recycles a popular YouTube video from 2006 (currently at 1.7M views), which sees a man performing the very same paper bottle opener trick.

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