Cellcom: interactive social media concerts

Here’s a clever bit of branded content from Cellcom, Israel’s largest telco, that turns the concept of a music festival into an interactive social media event.

The brand is currently staging an online live music festival that puts the focus on the fans as much as the artists in order to promote ‘Cellcom Volume’, its new Facebook enabled music portal.

A number of the regions biggest acts (or so we’re told) such as ‘Monica Sex’ and ‘Mercedes Bend’ are performing live in front of a Facebook audience, whilst also simultaneously making that audience  a central part of the performance. This is achieved by showcasing the fans' webcams on a giant constantly rotating screen behind the music acts as they play live, highlighting their reactions whilst also enabling them to comment on the unfolding action.

This turns the experience into an interactive concert, enabling fans to dictate the action by asking for song requests and interacting with the band in real time, face to face as they tune in via PCs and mobile devices.

In addtion, the festival was promoted via a YouTube Takeover campaign that saw leading Israeli musicians Efrat Gosh & Shlomi Shaban denouncing the quality of online live music videos as they set about remodeling their YouTube surroundings to enhance the music experience.

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