A change could do you good

With the long running, and mostly baffling, Lost series now gone from our TV screens, there will undoubtedly be an influx of actors from the show out touting for new work. That is if they can escape the typecasting of that particular show.

One of the shows most controversial characters - a polar bear – has managed to score some work in the latest commercial for the new Nissan Leaf.  The bear puts in a stellar performance as he is seen leaving his rapidly depleting arctic home and traveling across the country to give a bear hug to the owner of a Nissan leaf for his individual environmental help in keeping his home afloat.

It’s a cute ad, with a simple message. Even if it its star is best remembered for his pre Lost ad work. With one YouTube commentator suggesting the polar bear is probably more likely “thanking him for the Cola” (a reference to the famous Coca-Cola swilling bear ads).

Nissan isn’t alone in its ‘vehicles as socially responsible’ advertising this month.

Kia Canada is currently rolling out its ‘Drive Change’ campaign, which opts for a more realistic approach than hugs from arctic mammals, by helping to transform local communities. From reinvigorating a basketball court at a youth canter to giving a housing project's garden a second lease of life, Kia is making change happen right from the boot of its cars.

The campaign is all about ‘doing’, rather than ‘saying’ with Kia donating money, product and more importantly time to make radical changes to people’s lives for the long-term.

Sometimes in the world of automotive marketing actions speak louder than words…or bears.

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