Chasing a connection with music

Chase - the US banking giant – is running a series of new ads promoting its Blueprint card, a new product designed to help its customers manage their money better. The ads, which position the card very much in the “don’t leave home without it” category (as favoured by American Express), dig up 90s Britpop classic ‘Connection’ by Elastica to soundtrack the message.

The bank made a fairly big musical splash last year when it promoted its launch in California by utilising the track’ Instant Karma’ by John Lennon in a lifestyle centred commercial.  Other lifestyle-oriented ads have positioned the bank much more towards the youth category, as seen in this commercial, which features the track ‘Everywhere’ by Michelle Branch.

As with Auto ads, the ad sync is a mere sound bite. In order to engage and really ‘connect’ with an audience through music ad soundtracks need to act as the springboard for a deeper musical experience. With syncs likely to provoke listeners to search for the song in question, it pays to have that search redirected back to a destination housed by the brand.

With many banks eager to capture young savers and credit card users, is there a case now for the standalone entertainment bank? We’ve seen the ATM/entertainment downloads hybrid already, but what about bespoke banking walk-in destinations that offer young people both advice on saving their money and the ability to discover the best places to spend it, be it on games, music or experiences. Rather than dry banking staff, perhaps these advisers could replicate the record store staff that have all but died off from the high street.

I’m sure these new staff would be only too pleased to tell customers of the similarities between the Elastica song used by Chase and the track ‘Three Girl Rhumba’ by Wire.

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