Chevrolet: world’s largest Play-Doh car

Chevrolet introduced a novel take on the ‘car as art installation’ theme - which has been running for some time now amongst the big automotive brands - by parking a giant blue Play-Don version of its new Orlando MPV by the roadside in London.

In a bid to evoke the playfulness of the new vehicle, eight model makers tolled away for two weeks to turn 1.5 tonnes of the malleable blue product into its latest vehicle.

The material for the life-size relic was chosen after the brand conducted a poll of 1,000 UK adults to find out the most popular childhood toy. Play-Doh scored 19% of the votes, trailed just behind by LEGO at 17% and Kinder Surprise at 15 %.

It’s a campaign that has all the right ingredients to fill newspaper columns eager for lite stories with strong visuals, and to this effect the PR generated was sizeable.

“The new Orlando deserves another look and we believe this mould-breaking MPV is a real head-turner – especially when it’s made from tonnes of the nation’s most popular aqua-marine putty, sais Les Turton from Chevrolet UK. “Hopefully our launch will appeal to the inner-child in every parent and it will become a firm family favourite.”

For a brand wishing to covey a vehicle as family friendly and safe, this guerrilla marketing technique has plenty of merit. However, the big question here is to what extent the two products co-exist together in this campaign and which comes of better from the unique pairing? Does aligning the auto brand with another lower price point product help to position the vehicles key attributes or draw the attention away from the core sales message? Are consumers walking away thinking of Chevrolet or reminiscing about using Play-Doh as a child?

It would be interesting to see how Play-Doh sales rise this month as a result.

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