Chicken run

UK rapper Example is embarking on an urban music tour across London next week to promote his new album ‘Won’t Go Quietly'.  However, he won't be appearing at music venues, instead he has decided to perform in various - as yet undisclosed - Nando's chicken restaurants.

The details of locations and special guests who will accompany Example will be revealed via Twitter and FourSquare. Fans following these social media destinations will be given a secret password earning them an exclusive wristband, entry to the gig and free Nando’s chicken.

Example has never been unhappy to disclose his love of Nando's and their Peri Peri chicken. It's also not the first time the rapper has teamed up with the restaurant chain having featured in the brand's emerging artist platform, the X-PERI-MENTAL Playlist in 2008.

Example has effectively been promoting the brand since he hit the scene in 2006.  "I enjoy writing songs, performing them and celebrating with a Nando's and a rum & coke," said Example in a recent interview. "Despite what people claim, Nando’s don’t sponsor me".   What's interesting here is now the brand has become intertwined with the artist in a natural, non-forced way. So much so that it becomes an integral part of the artist with the restaurant now a key element of his overall persona.

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