Citroen debuts fashion concept vehicle

French automotive brand Citroen and apparel brand Lacoste have partnered up to create a new concept vehicle, that’s as casual as a T-shirt and as forward thinking as a pair of hi-tech running shoes.

The Citroën Lacoste is due to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show. One of the more notable features of the car is that it has no doors, or much of a roof either. Although not the safest of vehicle attributes it does link directly to the fashion partnership. Those wishing to get in simply slip in via two cut out holes on the vehicle's side – distinctly similar to the armholes in a Lacoste Polo shirt.

This is not the only reference to the iconic company, with the hubcaps sporting a tennis racket design and the seat fabric and colour scheme all representative of the Lacoste brand.

This is not a car that takes itself that seriously, with the dashboard functions displayed in retro gaming style pixels, plus it evens has an inflatable canopy to shield drivers from the rain.

That said it’s a clever concept, which highlights just how brands can co exist within one joint medium. Lacoste gains the impetus of associated speed/drive and Citroën nets an alignment with a fashion conscious sports culture.

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