Citroen: Find Me. Win me

Citroen has a shiny new vehicle – the DS3 – to promote. Unfortunately they’ve misplaced it somewhere in Europe. In order to track it down the French automotive brand has launched a new promotion, which kicks off tomorrow, entitled DS3 StreetSeekers.

The campaign consists of a virtual ‘hide & seek’-style microsite whereby visitors can navigate an online map of Europe with help from Google’s Street View platform in a bid to locate four separate parts of the vehicle. If they can find all virtual parts they get to win the actual car. It’s not all about the big win though, as other prizes – ranging from iPod Touches to Xbox 360s - are also up for grabs.

Citroen will release a cryptic clue each day across the five day competition period hinting at the location of a piece of the DS3. The platform also utilises Facebook Connect in order to drive awareness of the campaign amongst the players social set.

It’s a simple technological version of 'pin the tail on the donkey', with all the experience of a treasure hunt without the physical exertion.

What would be even more interesting is if this campaign somehow combined both the digital and the physical, driving users to co-ordinate mobile geo-location technology and the thrill of the find in the real world.  Although the campaign has a strong competition element the sedentary nature of searching online doesn't really replicate the passion and excitement of the driving experience, which is surely what the brand is ultimately seeking to convey.

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