City of Angels

The lingerie equivalent of the Super Bowl took place last Wednesday, as Victoria’s Secret once again staged its annual catwalk extravaganza, featuring performances form Katy Perry and Akon, model Adriana Lima (in her $2M bra) and the usual parade of Angels.

In the run up to the television premiere on 30th November, the US lingerie brand is taking to the streets of New York to promote the upcoming TV broadcast.

Nine vintage Angel Wings are to be mounted in Plexiglas boxes on the streets of New York (a mere catwalk run from the brand’s SoHo store) enabling passers by to snap a photo of themselves with items previously worn by models such as Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr.

The wings are mounted so that fans can simulate wearing the fashion accessories on their shoulders, and then upload their images to the brand’s Facebook page via text message, subsequently tagging themselves and sharing their mini catwalk moment with friends.

Victoria’s Secret has apparently been the most popular Facebook brand since March of this year, racking up a massive 9.4M fans (netting 1.8M of them in the first three weeks of launch last year).

Viewers of the brand’s annual televised fashion show have been in decline for some time as the show struggled to gain ground against an onslaught of reality TV franchises (it lost out on viewers last year to 'The Biggest Loser’). However, an unprecedented surge of social media interest should help to drive eyeballs back to the brand’s pivotal event showcase once again.

Enabling consumers to tap into the VIP lifestyle element of the catwalk show - normally reserved for supermodels - is a practical way of driving deeper activity across Facebook in the weeks prior to the broadcast, acting as both a high end street level art exhibition and a hands-on  glamour experience for fans of the brand.

The outdoor campaign runs from 19th - 30th November.

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