CK One global push targets new generation

CK one, the fragrance from Calvin Klein that became a brand in its own right, is launching a multi-faceted global campaign at the beginning of March in a bid to reconnect with a new generation of consumers.

The promotion will draw upon print, social media, outdoor, smartphone apps, QR codes, augmented reality and a dedicated web destination (which will be made available in 11 languages and act as the central hub).

The whole campaign focuses in on building unique CK One-branded experiences, whereby viewers can customise and share content and interact with 30 key ambassadors who represent the brand’s “authentic individuality”.

These celebrities include models, street dancers, musicians and artists from across the globe. The eclectic mix includes Chinese supermodel Wang Xiao, Russian rapper Yuri Pleskun, US singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira and closer to home in the UK, Pixie Geldof and Alice Dellal.

An online teaser campaign has been running for the past week inviting visitors to ‘like’ the brand on Facebook in order to reveal more.

“The emphasis on social media and the interactivity of this campaign serve to redefine the ck one brand for a new generation,” states Tom Murry, President & CEO at Calvin Klein. “The creative is exciting and strong and the multi-prong platform is on target to reach a younger demographic, while remaining true to the legacy of the iconic ck one brand.”

There are echoes of Converse’s Connectivity campaign in the way it seeks to build a portal that brings together an eclectic mix of creatives to support the brand’s positioning. However, what’s particularly interesting about the CK One effort is how the user generated content will sit alongside the celebrity cast, as opposed to living in a separate area of the site. Thereby putting fans of the brand side by side with a number of their idols – as a sort of virtual meet and greet offering.

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