Clothes catalogue as bedtime story

Children everywhere -- do not be content with your Tesco/M&S/Asda clothing. You deserve a more luxurious kit. Accept nothing less than a designer label. That seems to be the message from Ralph Lauren as it launches an online children’s book with click-to-buy clothing adorning each of the characters’ outfits.

The RL Gang is a slightly unlikely tale of eight multicultural children dressed in the preppiest clothing you have ever seen -- it’s as if The Hamptons sneezed all over a Benetton ad.

Anyway, the kids attend their first day of school (which appears to be made out of watercolour paint) and the teacher reads them a story which develops into a fantasy world where they must rescue a dying tree by watering it.

The book is narrated by Harry Connick Jr and can be found on To be honest, the story is pretty much incidental as the purpose of the book is to sell clothes -- hence why there are so many wistful shots of shoes mid-story.  The book will also be sold as a print copy at Bloomingdales. I’m not sure J K Rowling has anything to worry about. It’s akin to dad tucking his child in carefully before reading out extracts from the Argos catalogue.

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