Coca-Cola: bespoke bottles and songs

Coca-Cola Australia has launched a limited edition run featuring the top one hundred names in the country on its packaging.

Bottles featuring popular first names - such as Matt, Tayla and Zoe - in place of the Coca-Cola logo are being made available across Australia as part of the brand’s Share a Coke’ summer campaign.

"It is all about connecting people, mainly in the real world, but also digitally as well," said Coca-Cola Australia marketing director Lucie Austin.

In addition to the physical cans, visitors to the brand’s Facebook page are being encouraged to share virtual named cans with friends online, whilst those with slightly more unusual names can receive a customised can at special kiosks in selected shopping centres across the country.

An on-pack promotional code will also give purchasers the chance to win $50,000 to share with their mates.

One of the more interesting elements of the campaign is the fact that the brand has not only developed named product, but also had a team of songwriters compose 150 individual songs to align with each name – creating a bespoke and highly personalised soundtrack.

A series of TV ads running concurrently with the bottle promotion features three of the most popular names, once again placing the emphasis on individuals. An element that will feature in a further phase of the campaign when customers are invited to develop their own Coke ad featuring their online friends.

A total of 268 million bottles have been set aside for personalisation and Coca-Cola Australia is doubling its marketing budget for the next three months as part of the bespoke packaging drive.

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