Coca-Cola: crafty pop-up store

Craft is big business in marketing at the moment, whether its the pop up print and photo workshops currently being rolled out by Levis or the yarnbombing initiative from Mini, the concept of the ‘handmade’ positions a brand as part of a passionate close knit community, rooted in creativity and heritage.

Coca-Cola recently took advantage of the up sell in all things hand crafted as part of its Give It Back campaign In Israel, with the introduction of a pop up retail unit offering artisan products for sale to the public, lovingly created out of recycled Coca-Cola product.

The installation offered a wealth of items for sale (from fashion and furniture to animal sculptures), in addition to an exhibit showcasing the various designers behind the creation of the recycled products. Visitors were also encouraged to bring Coca-Cola products to the store to watch the recycling process first hand as their cans and bottles were converted into something bespoke.

It’s clever concept that promotes the brand’s core sustainability message in a refreshing and interactive way, whilst also providing unique artwork that features the brand’s iconic packaging, logos and colouring at the very heart of the campaign.

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