Coca-Cola: Facelook

Facebook is increasingly becoming at one with the physical world as various brands attempt to meld the digital platform directly and seamlessly with our actual experiences.

Coca-Cola recently developed an innovative Facebook promotion in Israel in support of its Coca-Cola Summer Love experience, a series of youth orientated activities ranging from movie marathons to theme park adventures and outdoor concerts.

Utilising cutting edge facial recognition technology the drinks brand developed a series of interactive booths housing the Facelook app, which enabled visitors to various Summer Love outdoor venues to post updates and photos of their exploits directly to their Facebook page using their face as identification.

Facelook booths required no direct input from the user, as the app scanned their face to find their individual page and posted automated updates based on the event or attraction in their immediate vicinity.

Tens of thousands of teenagers utilised the innovative and hands free service after opting in to a Facelook app when applying for tickets to the various events through the popular social network.

Its not the first time Coca-Cola has utilised innovative Facebook content at the annual summer camp event. The brand previously offered RFID wristbands last year to its teenage attendees which let them 'Like' around 40 attractions.

The new facial recognition concept adds an interesting new angle to the brand's social media buzz from the event. Not only is it a clever use of technology - taking the obligatory Facebook update beyond its digital boundaries - but it also feels highly personal, ensuring those using the service feel Coca-Cola is appealing to them directly as opposed to just blasting them with the same ad message as everyone else.

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