Coca-Cola: interactive billboard treasure hunt

In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Coca-Cola light brand's introduction into Spain, the soft drink brand decided to construct a massive banner across a prominent building in the heart of Madrid.

The giant banner display was constructed from 15,000 limited edition aluminum Coca-Cola light bottles, roped together to form the backdrop of a vast interactive billboard - ‘The Biggest Coca-Cola Light Banner in the World’.

The billboard was designed with both product at its core and the brand’s eight million consumers in the region firmly in mind.

Visitors to a dedicated site could scan a panorama of the billboard via a webcam, zooming in on individual bottles within the construction. They could then select a bottle of their choice, tag it and personalise it via a series of customisable design tools

What’s more the design element of the campaign also doubled as an interactive treasure hunt, with 25 of the bottles containing a selection of prizes.

The campaign is similar in principle to the Glasto Tag effort from Orange at this yera's Glastonbury Festival, which captured a huge panoramic photography of the festival audience, enabling visitors to Facebook to tag themselves and share the photo with their online friends.

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