Coca-Cola: Rush Hour Cinema

The iconic soft drink brand, currently busy celebrating its 125th anniversary, has been helping to ease road rage in Colombia by turning a frustrating situation into a roadside entertainment experience.

Traffic jams are fairly ubiquitous in Bogotá, largely due to unfinished construction work in the area, with commuters regularly stuck in backed up traffic for an average of 4 hours a day.

Coca-Cola decided to turn the unfortunate situation to their advantage by setting up the world’s largest drive in cinema. A giant screen was installed by the roadside showcasing a series of 1-minute films with an accompanying radio frequency put in place to enable drivers to tune into the audio element.

As drivers watched the action unfold from their stationary vehicles a Coca-Cola street team – dressed as 1950's cinema ushers - circulated amongst the rush hour traffic serving up free mini Coke bottles and popcorn.

The pop up cinema concept is one that a number of brands have latched onto of late; with Sabb recently unveiling its partnership with Nomad Cinema and Chanel positioning a luxury pop up cinema in Selfridges. However, Coca-Cola’s innovative approach takes it to a new level, delivering an entertainment respite when people need it most.

In total 183,332 people were impacted by the campaign as the brand took its concept of ‘Open Happiness’ to a captive audience.

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