Cockroach Billboard

Following on from a couple of living billboard displays from last year, namely yellow Pages ‘live in’ billboard and the rather clever billboard message created by 100,000 swarming bees, we have another instance of an ad hoarding that really comes to life.

This time it’s the turn of Terminex, a pest control company, to deliver a hard-hitting message with the help of 5,000 live cockroaches.

Five plastic containers were attached onto a white Terminex billboard, just outside the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. The plastic receptacles spelt out the word E.Coli (one of the 33 potential diseases uncontrolled pests can spread) and were then filled with live cockroaches

Logistically this isn’t a simple as hiring someone to slap up a poster ad. The bug ambassadors had to be coaxed into their plastic containers and removed every 15 minutes to avoid them firing in the Texan sun.

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