Coke Zero: LiveCycle

Location based gaming is suddenly hot property, as the humdrum world around us opens up to become a giant game board through the power of mobile technology.  We’ve seen a few key examples of this in action, from Mini Getaway and its game of catch me if you can, through to Fable III’s Kingmaker app, a capture the flag-style city takeover as part of a console game tie in.

Now it’s the turn of Coke Zero to turn your city into a battleground, as it rolls out ‘LiveCycle' an innovative location-based game based on the famous Light Cycle race from the iconic TRON movie franchise.

The promotion is a direct tie in with the upcoming release of Disney’s TRON: Legacy, enabling players to build a Light Wall – just as Tron And Ram did in the original movie - as they traverse the physical world by utilising the GPS functionality of a mobile handset. The object of the game, just like the film, is to block other players with your wall forcing them to ultimately crash headlong into it in order to accrue points.

The app can be downloaded for free at for both iPhone and Android devices.

We’re told there is a speed limit attached to the app, so mounting your mobile handset to the front of a high powered motorcycle isn’t actually going to make it feel any more like the real thing.

Next they’ll be telling us you can’t make someone explode by throwing a Frisbee at them.

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