Comedy Rokk and Roll

ROKK Vodka, the imported Swedish vodka brand from Diageo, is looking to highlight its bold and edgy personality to consumers via an alignment with The Lonely Island - the comedy troupe responsible for some of the web’s most popular viral music videos - by bringing the three comedians on board as ‘Creative Directors’.

Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone are being tasked with developing digital material to drive the brand’s consumer engagement. The trio, the brains behind the Grammy nominated track “I’m on a Boat” and regulars on Saturday Night Live, will develop humorous original content and videos for Rokk.

“Most people ask us to just make videos, but Diageo asked us to be Creative Directors, which sounded fancier,” said Lonely Island member, Andy Samberg.

“We could have chosen to work with a traditional advertising agency, but wanted to do something totally different when it came to marketing ROKK Vodka,” said Vodka Brand Director, Adam Rosen. “Working with Jorma, Akiva and Andy has been amazing, as they are not only ridiculously talented, but they also know exactly what ROKK Vodka’s consumers want to see.”

Aligning with comedians can often be a difficult sell for a brand, as humour - although universal - is very much a matter of personal taste. Teaming up with The Lonely Island, an act known for videos with sometimes difficult subject matter, is a bold move for a brand. It will be interesting to see how the partnership manages to retain the viral values of the comedians in a controlled environment, without over stepping - or worse still ‘under stepping’ - the mark.

The first effort from the trio is a parody of luxury brand commercials that plays on the brand’s heritage, complete with an attractive blonde, black and white photography and men in white shirts in a hot tub being sprayed with water by a Viking, naturally.

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