Coming to a Field near you

Smart phones are only going to get smarter with NFC. And with that, creative opportunities for campaigns will open up. But will consumers be ready to adopt this technology just yet? A recent report suggested only 19% used QR codes. So why would they bother using NFC?

Informa, however, is sure that the number of NFC enabled handsets will grow from 44 to 630 million within the next four years. One of the first brands onboard are O2 with its 'mobile wallet' contactless payment service that allows Londoners to use their Oyster and credit cards on their mobile.

Provided that consumers will use NFC we’re sure that there are many more exciting brand initiatives yet to come. Just think of the potential of the technology at events and festivals; the direct Facebook likes you can generate and the close offline/online connection you can establish. NFC enables activations Coca-Cola Israel style, only even more seamless and smooth.

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