Condoms and camcorders

Condoms and camcorders are usually a recipe for footage that shouldn’t be broadcast on general interest TV channels. However, Durex is inviting young people to mix the two to come up with a new commercial that focuses on encouraging safer sex.

They might be a bit late to the game in terms of crowdsourcing, but at least there is a worthy purpose driving the initiative: to create a promotional video that communicates with youth and convinces them to make safer choices in their sex life.

Entrants must be 16 or older and should create ads which feature the Durex logo and last no more than 30 seconds. The brief suggests that the ads should be as ‘creative, funny, inspiring or even shocking as possible with the goal to convince younger consumers to use condoms’.

The winner will receive £2,000 in cash and have their commercial aired on MTV – a bit of an anti-climax if you compare it to Doritos’ mega-prize of £200,000.

Here's a sample Durex ad to inspire entrants:

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