Converse’s footwear-based graphic equalizer

Converse is one of the most well seeded brands when it comes to music, having initiated a broad range of activity from its Brooklyn based free recording studio to its ongoing ‘Three artists, One song’ collaboration project with a wealth of influential artists.

It’s latest offering sees the brand positioning the music experience at the heart of its retail presence with an in-store installation which turns its iconic footwear into a very literal conduit for music.

The Canvas Experiment’ sees musicians performing in front of a specially developed backdrop comprised of 480 Converse All Star trainers which twist and turn creating distant audio patterns in direct relation to the music being produced.

The giant 5 x 4 metre graphic equalizer works by utilising motion sensors that trigger the motorised footwear to react in time with the sounds and movement of the person performing.

“The Canvas Experiment is about playing with our most iconic blank canvas – the All Star Sneaker – to see how far we can push the boundaries of independence and creativity,” states Converse on its blog.

The Canvas Experiment is currently live in Converse stores in both Berlin and Paris, inviting the general public to interact with the device as part of their shopping experience.

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