Converse: which shoe are you?

Here’s a low-key respite for a quiet Monday morning from the flood of innovative projection mapping, interactive films and urban gaming malarkey we’re unusual busy covering on this blog.

Converse has rolled out a new app on its website that enables users to choose a customised piece of footwear based on their own personal style. Nothing new there. In fact it’s quite a basic premise bearing in mind the brand’s usual ground breaking marketing efforts – from free recording studios for musicians to participatory art studios on site at festivals.

The ‘Which Shoe are You?’ app (developed by the same people behind the Cannes Lion winning Canvas Experiment) enables users to select whether they are ‘Preppy’ or ‘Skate’, ‘Custom’ or ‘Original’, and so forth. Once they have designed their custom kick they can share their creativity via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and

It’s a fairly basic premise, however, what is interesting is how this process is conveyed via a series of Instagram style photographs, highlighting how instamatic style photography is become both a communication tool in its own right and something of a social marker.

The simple photo lead in is also the window to the brand’s more expansive design work, namely its involvement with the Cut & Paste design tournament, which recently let attendees get their marker pens out to design their prefect Converse sneakers.

What is key here is how Converse has pitched its customisation mantra at different levels, from immersive in store experiences and on site festival activations right through to low barrier click through digital activity as outlined here. This flexible offering serves to prove that creativity is something that is open to all. Even those with no intention of picking up an instrument or putting pen to paper.

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