Corona: Likes your face

Corona Light really wants you to like its beer. In fact it wants you to make it the most ‘liked’ beer in America, with a massive marketing push for Facebook page signups.

“Plenty of beers want your love. All we want is a little like,” states Corona.

The brand’s Facebook page currently sports a 45,000 strong audience.  In order to boost these numbers considerably Corona is offering to make its fans famous for 15 seconds in return for them clicking the ‘Like’ button and entering voluntary into the realm of permission marketing.

Corona is inviting its Facebook fans to submit photos of themselves which will then be showcased on a giant 150-foot digital billboard in Times Square from 8th November through to the 6th December.

The campaign is pitched towards youth drinkers between 21-29 years old and is a clever play on the driving force behind social media, capitalising on the majority of Facebook users' innate desire for attention.

“For Corona Light consumers, having their picture projected high above one of the most famous places in the world is an exciting experience, and a fantastic way of engaging at street audience while rallying Corona Light’s brand ambassadors," said Jim Sabia, EVP of marketing for Crown Imports.

In case slapping your face on a billboard isn’t enough of an incentive to  sign up for in-stream Facebook advertising, there’s also a free song – ‘Say Hey’ by Michael Franti - on offer in return for your ‘Like’, which featured in a recent Corona Light TV commercial.

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