Creative Business Cup

Previously a domestic competition continuing Denmark's strong heritage of supporting cultural development, this year the Creative Business Cup went global. FRUKT's Exexcutive Creative Director, Jack Horner, was selected as one of nine jury members tasked with evaluating eighteen business plans. The usual challenges ensued with two days of debate largely attempting to define what marks out a truly creative business – whether it's a good traditional business in the creative sector, or whether it needs to demonstrate a high level of creativity in the approach.

We awarded a special commendation to Ryan, a seventeen year old from Kenya who along with some school mates, had used a local weed as a base for a fragrance business aimed mainly at young men, who were scared of social interactions with young girls due to their body oder! He was articulate and smart – and though the business vision wasn't clear – we felt he deserved to be highlighted as a business star of tomorrow.

In the end it came down to three winners. In third place couture raincoat designers Norwegian Rain whose smooth contemporary Japanese inspire lines by British tailor T Michael impressed the jury. It was there clear vision, impressive distribution and finesse despite only working part time on the project which put them in the final three.

Second up was Israeli design company Greenbo, who demonstrated a smart and sustainable approach in the creation of their planting product for urban gardens. Clearly stated goals and demonstration that they were well on the way to success as well as using a Palestinian / Israeli workforce was applauded.

The winner this year was a passionate film distribution professional, who had sought to disrupt and reshape part of the cinema experience – identifying the dormant time in most movie theatres, and building a social front end enabling people to create their own movie events in large cinema's. It's fun and easy to use, it has a streamlined back end and strong partnerships. We wish We Want Cinema all the best in the future.

The Crown Prince of Denmark presented the awards, and in a typically understated and warm Danish way, cracked open the Carlberg's with us all afterwards. 

Thanks to the brilliant CKO (Centre for Culture and Experience Economy) headed up by Rasmus for hosting us all so warmly.

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