Creative facilitators: the hands on approach

Want an association with the creativity at the heart of art? Then the DIY approach appears to be the mantra of the new brand patrons.

The art world has often been branded at arms length by corporations, the sponsor and leave well alone route often being the di rigueur approach utilised by many. However, in our increasingly connection world, striking an association with art now requires brands to become actively involved with the creative process, the behind the scenes world of art and design.

Technology brand Dell is one of the company’s at the forefront of this new hands-on work ethic approach to art patronage, having set up its ‘Create. Work. Inspire’ pop-up art hub in downtown Manhattan recently.

The 3 days of workshops, communal workspaces and presentations sees the brand curating not a gallery, but a pop up community project, enabling artists to create, share and learn from their peers. Not to mention the fact they are also getting to grips with new Dell product in an informal and subtly branded way.

Logo representation in the gallery sector certainly has its place, however, with cultural activity rooted in experience, it’s now essential to build in an experiential element that puts product centre stage, as the picture frame that surround creativity itself.

We spent some time this summer talking with Dell in the UK about its work with music festivals, which – in a similar move to its US art labs - sees the brand striking an alignment with student focused music events in order to deliver hands on experience of its brand in a setting that is perfectly attuned to an audience that can often be hard to reach.

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