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FRUKT account director, James Male, touches down in Tallinn, Estonia to discusses New Business Models in the International Creative Industries...

Last week I was invited to go with a British Council select to Tallinn to contribute to discussions looking at best practice and international development for the creative economy. The output? A British Council thought piece on new business models in the creative industries which will provide clear practical policy recommendations on how to support entrepreneurship.

Split between keynotes, guest speakers and panel sessions (where I sat with Ville Heijari, "Bird Whisperer" at Angry Birds and Nastja Mulej of the Marketing Society) the day tackled many themes and a great collection of thinkers bashed heads together, shared ideas and spread the cultural love.

Two big themes for me popped up from the day:  How can the creative industries develop more widely understood investment models to generate more VC or state funding? And, in a time of much needed funding, what role can brands play in contributing to this cultural space? I feel that there is no shortage of creative brilliance and ideas out there - but how do we fund it and nurture it through secure long term investment?

All of this was tied together by really great people, in a truly beautiful city. Big shouts to: Claire, Jacob, Beatrice, Kate and Kadri and all at the British Council who hosted and looked after me - plus to the rest of my fellow BC attendees and to those who I met. Truly inspiring stuff and hope to see you all again soon.

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