Credit where credits due

A little known band from Detroit has won Experian’s contest to find a new band to represent the finance brand in its commercials promoting the service.

The search was conducted to hunt down “a real band to star in our commercials,” said Chris Moloney, SVP and chief marketing officer at Experian, after notable success of a faux constructed group – the all too literally named 'FreeCreditReport band' - which the company had utilised previously.

The winning band, selected from a large scale talent contest,  now gets to appear in ads, make an appearance at the Video Music Awards tour for 2010 as well as walking the red carpet before the awards show premieres on MTV. Not to mention a studio session with "music industry veterans" and the "opportunity to become pop culture icons".

All well and good. However, there is another notable point worth mentioning, and that's the name of the winning band. They are called 'Victorious Secrets'. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Which begs the question will people be thinking about checking their credit score online when seeing the band, or thinking about lingerie clad models strutting the catwalk.

In many ways the old band - although fake - at least had the brand's name in the title, not to mention a cult social and online following. Moloney himself even referred to the former marketing agency created group as “probably the most-watched band in America" due to the rabid advertising pace of the Experian commercials, which ran 70,000 to 75,000 times on cable channels and broadcast network throughout the year.

Whether the inclusion of a ‘real' band manages to make the same impact remains to be seen.

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