Crowd Sourced Cows

Norwegian dairy brand Tine wanted to create a new flavour for its milk drink brand Litago, so it decided to involve the two groups with the biggest stake in the new product, consumers and cows.

The campaign opted to crowd-source which flavour it should choose by dividing a field into 25 separate plots and tracking which areas ten cows spent the most time in with “sophisticated technology”.  The flavour plot with the most cows in over the given period was deemed the winner.

In between chewing cud, each of the ten cows updated their own unique Twitter profiles, whilst viewers could follow  and interact with a series of activities to influence the position of the herd. This included such things as an impromptu marching band, designed to goad (scare) the bovines into a particular square.

The concept is not entirely new, with Orange running a ‘Spot The Bull’ competition as part of its Glastonbury sponsorship for a number of years in the UK. This campaign invited users to follow a bull in a field via a dedicated webcam and them select a section of the field the bull would be in at a given time in order to win tickets to the music festival.

In case you’re interested rice-pudding flavour was the overall winner of the Tine promotion, closely followed by spearmint, passionfruit and pomegranate.

Rice Pudding? Seriously. That’s what happens when you get cows involved in the creative process.

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