Crowdsourced burger concept

4 Food is a new fast food concept that has opened in New York. The company makes hamburgers with the middle section removed and filled with veggies.  These ‘donut burgers’ (actually sold as W(hole)burgers) can be filled with one of 40 ‘scoops’, including edamame, hummus, salsa, and veggie chilli.

The company’s mission is to ‘de-junk’ fast food, i.e. make fast food as nutritious as possible. The menus are almost infinitely customisable based on diners’ preferences.

The restaurant is uber-connected, with FourSquare check-ins and tweets projected onto screens in the restaurant. Furthermore, they are crowdsourcing the menu.

What does this mean? Well, people can go online and create and order their own burger, saving the name of the recipe. For every future visitor that orders your recipe, you get $.25 in store credit.

It’s a bit like if Leon and the Apple store had babies.

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