Curator Culture: brands, entertainment and content marketing

With today’s discerning millennial consumer eagerly looking to uncover evocative new life experiences, brands are stepping up to facilitate immersive lifestyle and entertainment events that fuse together the passion points of this culturally curious generation. 

In addtion to the 80% of millennials who actively want to be entertained by brands, around 72% also have a deep need to be the primary source of information amongst their peer group, and it is this jostling for status update pole position and ‘knowledge ownership’ that is fuelling a heightened desire for exclusive cultural content experiences. 

As a result brands that used to participate at a safe sponsorship distance are now becoming increasingly established as curators and aggregators of credible content, fusing immersive experiences with cultural mentors/ambassadors to develop unique - and often one-off - curated event programs. 

Here we outline some recent examples of brands that are taking a cultural stance when it comes to content marketing…

Peroni – House of Peroni

Following on from its recent experiential alignment with Opera, the Italian beer brand is curating a month long pop-up venue, the House of Peroni, championing the new wave of contemporary Italian culture in the heart of London

The West end-based residency, part of wider push celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary, sees some of Italy’s most creative visionaries from the worlds of fashion, cuisine, film and art coming together to from a Creative Council and deliver a daily timetable of hands-on experiences – from design workshops to architectural tours and dining events. Also, in addition to the experiential element, a digital hub backs up the event with an extensive range of creative content and inspiration online.

Brand benefits

It’s a smart move, reinforcing the country’s deep creative roots in order to hone in on the core tenants of the brand (Italian heritage and premium). By showcasing country specific creatives – as opposed to just amalgamating random ambassadors – the campaign manages to attain a level of credibility through education.

Levi's - Station to Station


‘Station to Station: a nomadic happening’ is the latest art project from renowned multimedia artist Doug Aitken. Billed as “made possible by Levi’s", the traveling art installation takes the form of a 3 week curated train journey from NYC to San Francisco, as artists, musicians and other creative pioneers collaborate on a series of “cultural interventions” across America.

The train, designed as a vast kinetic sculpture, will make 10 pit stops at various cities where a number of celebrated creatives (including musicians Savages, artist Kenneth Anger and writer Barney Hoskyns) will stage unique content experiences and broadcast to a wider global audience directly from the train's creative studio. 

Brand benefits

The reimagining of the infamous 1970s Festival Express train (which housed the likes of Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead) is a snug fit with the Levi’s brand’s ongoing alignment with the pioneering spirit of America. It also sees the brand acting as a patron of the arts – something we consistently champion here at FRUKT - with ticket sales helping to support seven partner museums and the creation of new artistic work.

Stoli Vodka- ORGNL.TV

The vodka brand continues with its mission to “showcase extraordinary stories by exceptional people" as it evolves ORGNL.TV, the curated lifestyle channel that it debuted in 2012.

Stoli.TV, which seeks to document the creative process and inspiration that underpins the work of artists from the fields of art, music and fashion, not only champions existing talent but also seeks to deliver a platform for the next generation of creative pioneers with an added user generated content element.  Fans are invited to submit original content online in order to win the opportunity to collaborate directly with the artists during a special one-off event.

The extended digital platform for 2013 also now adds in enhanced user generated content options and the chance for fans to become the hub’s online editor.

Brand benefits

The promotion taps into the brand’s wider advertising message, that "The Most Original Moments Deserve the Most Original Vodka", providing a unique creative outlet where existing and emerging talent can be fused together.  What is interesting here is how both the brand and the consumer get to play their part at curating content and experiences. 

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