Cycle sounds: DJs get on their bike

We have a passion for music innovation here at FRUKT, and with a number of obsessive cycling enthusiasts in our fold, this quirky little campaign emanating out of Japan caught our attention recently.

Cogoo, a bike sharing company, has developed a unique stunt that manages to fuse both music and sport together by converting a BMX bike into a fully functioning music mixer.

The concept, entitled ‘Turntable Rider’, sees a bicycle fitted with a jog wheel stick, a fader box between the handlebars, and a sound pad on the handbrake, enabling the rider to transmit streamed sounds from an iPhone and control the mix by performing tricks. (See how they put it all together here).

DJs, for all their podium style posturing, often have very little to do behind the decks. This device takes the humble DJ turntable out of its usual club setting, putting it at the heart of a highly energetic spectacle, one where the physicality of music has a crucial role to play. It also cleverly brings street culture into the core of the music experience.

The bicycle as DJ concept made its live debut over the weekend at the Kaikoo Popwave Festival in Tokyo, as Japanese BMX rider Kotaro and DJ Baku showcased its full capabilities.

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