Dead Space 2: a mother's recommendation

In space no one can hear your mother scream.

Electronic Arts has created a bizarre viral campaign designed primarily to scare various mothers half to death by exposing their reactions to video game gore.

The promotion comes courtesy of the soon to be released sequel to the survival horror game Dead Space, one of 2008’s more successful titles. Dead Space 2 sees the return of Isaac Clarke as he once again sets about dismembering the Necromorphs, a varying selection of grotesque monsters in the deep outer regions of the universe.

The “Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2” campaign involved subjecting 200 middle-aged mothers to a video game gore frenzy under the guise of a market research focus group. Hidden cameras and microphones recorded ever-disapproving comment and eye-covering shock reaction as three massive monitors barraged them with footage of impalement guns, flamethrowers and vomiting aliens.

It’s a simple idea, using the basic premise that if your mom hates it you will love it.

“It’s not a game. It’s a mind-numbing, mind altering demonic weapon”, said one mother, not realising the massive endorsement she was actually giving the EA brand for its core audience.

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