Delivering pizza can be hell

New Zealand pizza company Hell has cooked up a short interactive YouTube adventure in order to promote its pizza delivery service app.

If you successfully help Steve to deliver a pizza to the hot office worker hiding out from the horde of the undead on top of cargo crate you can enter a draw to win a year’s supply of free pizza.

The film has all the elements of a Zombie B movie from bad acting and unnecessary cleavage shots to bizarre slayings (hoover attachment anyone?).

Interactive YouTube videos are not new, but this is an interesting use of the short film medium, using an iconic Zombie narrative – with comedic elements borrowed from Shaun of the Dead – to drive a story around the brand name. If other brands could be as adventurous when showcasing they fairly mundane app development, the world would be a much more interesting place.

If you fancy a go at playing dodge with Zombies you can start the adventure via the video below.

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