Desperados: YouTube party takeover

Desperados, the tequila flavoured beer brand from Heineken, joins a long list of brands that have instigated a YouTube Takeover campaign in a bid to get more from the ad medium than a static banner.

This in itself is nothing new, from early concepts such as the shake and break effect of Warioland right up to this Subservient Chicken imitating Tippex promotion from last year, utilsing YouTube as more than a viral communication tool is becoming increasingly commonplace.

The Desperados Experience positions the viewer within a POV party setting cleverly utilising Facebook Connect to enable the viewer to bring their friends likeness directly into the beating heart of nightlife ad experience.

Of course a mock YouTube page ad wouldn’t be complete within a bit of destruction, and the requisite cracking wall effect is used here to reasonably good effect (as the viewer virtually breaks into the real party).

Although, this has been done numerous times before it is a slick production, that once again promotes social sharing, making a lifestyle ad seem that little bit more integrated with a user’s real (albeit digital) life.

The YouTube campaign went live on the 5th April and has already garnered 70,000 views across 100 countries.

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