Destroy your hunger

MFNW, Portland, Oregon's largest and most successful music festival, is currently underway with acts such as a The National, Black Lips and The Smashing Pumpkins all gracing the stage. As ever these kinds of events bring out the major brands as they seek to integrate themselves among hardcore music fans.

One of the more interesting campaigns we picked up on is a partnership between Nike and Koi Fusion, the Portland-based Korean taco company.

The Koi Fusion truck rolled up outside Portland State University with a secret item on its menu, the ‘Destroyer Burrito’. Only those who had been following either @nikesportswear or @koifusionpdx were in the know about the unique password. On turning up at the food truck and checking into Facebook places they simply ordered the secret menu item to receive a tin foil wrapped burrito  - which then turned out to be a well packaged Nike Jacket.

“If you live in Portland, you know about Koi Fusion. If you live in Portland, you need a jacket,” stated the Koi Fusion website regarding the promotion.

Those handing over the secret password didn't go hungry as they also managed to net a free burrito of their choice.

This is a smart use of ‘in the know’ social media, tying up a global product with a well-respected localised service.  Everyone is already aware of Nike, and half expect them to be present at a music event. However, by joining forces with a ‘local pride’ brand the sportswear compnay shows that it is also in touch with local communities.

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