Detergent brand embeds rewards in music video

P&G’s colourful detergent brand Cheer has partnered up with Australian band Strange Talk on a new interactive music video, utilising YouTube annotations in order to embed a series of daily giveaways within the video itself.

Items up for grabs in the ‘Dig it and Get it’ sweepstakes – which can be won by clicking on coloured outline boxes within the neon video - come courtesy of Old Navy, American Apparel, Ray Ban and even Ikea, plus plenty of music related prizes such as iPods and Fender guitars.

Once a prize is clicked on the user is redirected into the brand’s Facebook page in order to select sizes and claim their reward. A total prize pot of some 19,061 items is apparently on offer during the campaign.

Cheer is also running a further competition element attached to the music video, inviting Facebook users to submit their most colourful profile photos to be in with a chance of wining a range of prizes including tickets to next year’s much coveted SXSW music and innovations festival.

Although Cheer is far from being the first brand to avail of annotation technology, the promotion is a smart idea, providing plenty of repeat viewing for both the brand and the band, whilst also driving up Facebook fans and likes in the process.

This promotion is yet another example of a brand offsetting the cost of music video production and further evidence of the now ingrained brand patrons now are in the music business.   When a band is more than happy to sport the logo of a household detergent brand on its drum kit you know the concept of 'selling out' has become as obsolete as the cassette single.

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