'Dial a fan' music marketing

Here’s a innovative take on the traditional single release from Universal Music in Sweden, which manages to turn one devoted fan into the lynchpin of a major music release

Universal partnered up with Comviq, Sweden's largest prepaid cellular service provider, to offer the new single by Swedish artist Veronica Maggio 'Välkommen in' ('Welcome in') as an exclusive Ringback tone.

So far, a fairly standard brand/label partnership with not much to write home about…

However, the only way you could hear the new single was to call one dedicated phone number, which just happened to connect you to the mobile of 18-year-old student, Firat Delen (an avid Veronuca Maggio fan).

The campaign kicked off with a direct mail promotion to journalists and influential bloggers, and as the word spread Firat became inundated with calls as both fans, radio stations and national media rang in to hear the exclusive new track.

Every caller received a text explaining how they could sign up to Comviq’s Ringback Tone service, whilst also being redirected to the brand’s Facebook destination where they could follow the ongoing story of Firat’s rapid rise to fame as he attempted to get on with student life amid incessant phone calls.

It’s a clever spin on the traditional single release, which manages to put fans at the very epicentre of the promotion as opposed to traditional media outlets. The brand partnership is also executed well here, giving Comviq the ability to facilitate new music in a unique and engaging way that focuses directly on the its core business proposition, as opposed to opting for the more obvious artist endorsement route.

The single itself went gold within the initial first few days of the campaign and by the end of the two week promotion had almost gone platinum.

It was also good news for Comviq, with a somewhat staggering 56% of those who called the number going on to to sign up for the ringback service.

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