Diesel will kick your ass

Diesel’s new fall/winter campaign follows on with the brand's 'Be Stupid' concept with a ‘stupid’ focus on its range of footwear. The premise of the new campaign is that Diesel's footwear is 'Not made for running. Great for kicking asses'.

The brand explains its bold disassociation from sport (and thereby the likes of Nike and Adidas) with the following statement because you run when you’re scared. Scared of getting fat, or being late, or that something bad will happen to you. Diesel is different. Diesel is stupid and stupid doesn’t run from anything.”

Diesel is about standing up for yourself, about standing your ground, about empowerment. What better way to highlight this powerful message, than lots of gracious shots of people’s backsides.

The brand’s main website showcases a selection of slow motion videos of various irritating people receiving a Diesel sneaker to the butt, from Third world dictators and mimes, to cheerleaders and the annoying neighbour who calls the police on you every time you have a party.

The site also features a round table on ass kicking from a series of experts, 3D-enabled ass kicking lessons, and ass kicking machine, and a petition to make ass kicking an Olympic sport. Other notable inclusions are the #kickthisass hashtag, which gives users the ability to kick people who spout rubbish on Twitter and a Kick-ass Beatbox, which enables users to play music on a series of…yes…you guessed it..even more asses.

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