DJ light installation

We’ve noticing a surge in interest in audio manipulation projects that put people at the heart of the action of late, raging from the incredibly simple shared subway-based rhythms of ‘Jamming NYC’ to the more complex audio spectacle of voice activated 3D projection mapping.

Another promotional effort in this thread that recently caught our attention comes courtesy of energy Company Endesa, which developed an engaging sound-scape that enabled participants to morph sound through their interaction with light.

The DJ light project - part of the brand’s Xmas celebration activity in Lima, Peru - saw prospective DJ’s taking to a dedicated platform and manipulating 85 giant globes of light simply by the gesture of their arm movements. Using a special thermal tracking camera these gestures transformed the surrounding arena into a constantly changed visual and audio spectacle orchestrated by the user.

“DJ Light is about the exhilaration of one person taking control over a massive space and manipulating the incredible array of light and sound within it using nothing more than their own body,” states Cinimod Studio, the creators of the vast audio installation.

It's a clever premise, building on the interactivity of gaming consoles such as the Wii and the more immersive Xbox Kinnect, putting people at the very epicentre of an activity that turns their own self expression into an experience that shapes the environment around them.

With the current surge of interest in projection mapping activity by brands the individual can sometimes be kept at arms length in the rush to innovate visually. If 2011 is about anything, it is about bringing people back into the core of the spectacle and helping them to discover something personal from the experience. Without this the ‘wow factor’ can easily become the ‘why factor’ for consumers.

DJ Light (DJ Luz), Lima 2010 from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo.

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