Dolby's beard of sound

UK beat-boxer Beardyman teams up with Dolby on this short stereo production in order to promote the brand's surround sound mobile and laptop chip capabilities. Beardyman - who becomes 'Doibyman' - acts out all the characters and creates all the audio with just his mouth.

The video, which is  best viewed with headphones in order to get the full stereo effect, certainly gets across the audio aspect with clarity.  However, the production of the video - which is meant to feel cartoon like - doesn't quite live up to the quality usually associated with the Dolby brand. Maybe this is an intentional ploy to connect with more down to earth consumers. It certainly has certain viral appeal, if not quite as much as Beardyman's cooking videos from a few years back.

Also, there is a chance American viewers could be forgiven for thinking this is a PSA ad for dentistry.

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