Doolittle: talks to the brands

Upcoming singer (is there a time limit on upcoming?) Eliza Doolittle is teaming up with Alcatel Mobile Phones to launch the brand's new Rainbow touchscreen handset exclusively at Phones 4U. The new handset will come pre-loaded with the exclusive Doolittle track 'Go Home'.

Notably it's the handset manufacturer's first foray into a music collaboration, having previously opted for fashion as its entertainment route to connect with consumers. The worlds of fashion and music are increasingly becoming entwined, aided on of late by a flurry of young female fashion conscious singers, from the basics of Pixie Lott's every-girl wardrobe (twinned with Nokia)  to the full on art aesthetic of Miss Gaga (promoting Virgin Mobile).

“I love my Alcatel Rainbow handset!  It's perfect for staying in touch with friends and fans, and I listen to music on it too" says the singer. Which is interesting when you consider it was only last year she was busy promoting Sony Ericsson and Vodafone via 'The Inside Tracks' geo-location campaign.

Perhaps she got lost.

Actually maybe we should start up a Foursquare-styled badge system for brands that artists have aligned with so we can keep track of all the movement.

Trouble is, the Black Eyed Peas would end up being the Ashton Kutcher of that little social game almost immediately and ruin the fun for everyone.

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